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Change in Server IP and Mail server

Migration to our new server has been completed.

It is important to make sure to update Outlook/Apple Mail/Mobile/Gmail settings.
Outlook / Apple mail / Mobile / Gmail Fetcher email users:
Download and follow these instructions

Webmail users:
Webmail will still be accessible from yourdomain.com/webmail. Alternatively, the new webmail link is https://server.webs-malta.com:2096/ or https://server.webs-malta.com/webmail

More technical administrators: 
The IP address of the new server is Please make sure to white-list the new IP if you had previously white-listed our old server IP. Also, domain name administrators should make sure to point the A records to

Our Website Packages

All our website design packages:
• are based on a CMS (Content Management System) - the client can modify all the website content
• can be upgraded from one package to another without starting the website from scratch

Some of our clients...

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webs.com.mt is an experienced and well established web design company based in Malta specializing in business/organization website design, business platforms and e-commerce development.

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